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Inspired by Patreon (but since I'm banned from patreon I have this awesome site) here are some exclusive perks that you can take advantage of by paying a bit every month. Since this isn't patreon I can't bill you every month you'll have to come back here and rebuy them once a month. Which is kinda inconvenient but if you love me as much as I love you guys, my loyal supporters, you'll deal with it. All perks are valid during the month you purchase them.

For $2 a month you will get:

  • "Subscriber" Discord Role
  • Access to exclusive discord text and voice chats.
  • Access to youtube videos 10-15 minutes before they're uploaded
  • Your name, nickname or twitter/instagram/youtube username mentioned at the end of my future videos saying "this video is possible thanks to my loyal supporters Bob, Billy, Weirdo, You, etc"

For $5 a month you will get:

All above perks plus:

  • Video Suggestions: I'll listen to your suggestions and consider them. I'll do the video if it's a really really awesome idea. No guarantees because not all ideas are created equally.
  • Painting Suggestions: I'll listen and consider your painting idea. Since painting stuff is MUCH easier than producing a youtube video I'm more likely to listen to your suggestion.
  • I'll join your discord server if you have one.

For $10 a month you will get:

All the above perks plus:

  • Discord role "Insane subscriber"
  • I'll add you on Discord and once a month for 30 mins we can do a 1 on 1 voice/video chat since the new discord update allows us to do that now.
  • Handwritten thank you letter
  • Personal audio recording: I'll do a 5 minute personal audio recording just for your ears only. You give me the script and I'll read it for you. As long as it's not sexual/creepy/inappropriate/or can get me into any trouble.

For $25+ a month you will get

All the above perks plus:

  • Discord "Dedicated Subscriber" role
  • 1 custom 8x10 painting once a month. Just tell me what to paint and I'll do my best and ship it to ya :) (For US and Canadian residents only - $30 if you need me to ship the painting overseas)
  • Personal dance video! - Once a month you can get a video of me dancing with whatever song you want me to dance to. The video will be uploaded unlisted so only your eyes can see. I'll play the song loudly on my speakers and dance however I want to.