Service: Video Editing ($2/min of raw footage)

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I'm charging $2/minute to edit raw footage. (raw footage is the unedited video that you'll give me to edit). So if you give me 5 minutes of unedited video footage it'll cost you $10 for me to edit it for you. 15 minutes would cost $30, an hour would cost you $120 etc...

You can also give me an audio file and I can make a slideshow with relevant pictures/videos for you. For this I'm charging $4/minute because editing will be quite time consuming.

I've been using adobe premiere pro for about a year now and edit all of my youtube videos using it. I didn't go to school for video editing, I just watched hours of tutorials and spent many many hours with the program making my own youtube videos to learn how to use it properly. I know how to do color correction, green screens, jump cuts, zooms, slide shows, basic effects like making fire or snowflakes appear on screen, add music etc... I can pretty much edit your video however you will like it and you don't have to give credit to me if you don't want to ;)